The #1 Federal Heights Sprinkler Repair Team

Let Our Federal Height Sprinkler repair Team Handle Your SystemJust because Federal Heights is one of the smallest cities in the Denver Metropolitan area doesn't mean that it doesn't deserve top notch service, and our Federal Heights sprinkler repair team are proud to offer it. We offer all of the perks of a full-sized company with the one on one customer experience of a hometown dealer. When you need quality repairs that last, you'll get it, every time.

Sprinkler Systems Are Serious Business

Our Federal Heights Sprinkler Repair Team Fixes Pop Up Heads These aren't simple machines that you set in your yard and forget about. They are finely tuned, highly specialized devices that need to be calibrated by professionals. A single poorly adjusted sprinkler head doesn't just affect the immediate area, it affects the water pressure in the entire system so, all of the heads down line fail to work properly. While a do-it-yourself fix may seem like a cost effective choice at first, one misstep and you'll compromise the entire highly tuned system and end up creating a much larger problem than you had to begin with. By calling our professionals in Thornton for all your Federal Heights sprinkler repair needs you can be guaranteed that you system will be in tip-top shape when we are done. That's because we stand behind all of our service 100%. You'll be happy or we're not done.
Once your repair is complete, we'll set you up with a maintenance plan that will ensure that you don't run into major issues with your system in the future. This could included periodic pop up head maintenance, coverage adjustments, fall blow out and winterizing and even spring system optimization. With our Federal Heights sprinkler repair team, you're getting  a dedicated service, not a one off fix.

We Take a Personalized Approach to Sprinkler Repair in Federal Heights CO

Our Federal Heights Irrigation Specialists Do Drip Irrigation SystemsOne of things that sets us apart from other “one size fits all” sprinkler companies is that we take a full survey of your system and the vegetation in the area so we can suggest the most efficient system available. This often means the use of a multi-mode system consisting of low flow sprinkler head in certain beads, a drip irrigation system in others, fan sprinkler heads for large planting areas and rotary heads for large areas of grass. Most other companies will offer a rotary head option first and then “up-sell” you more components or changes in the following years. We would rather do it right the first time and give you exactly what you need to keep your yard looking great with the least amount of water use possible.

Get a Maintenance Contract

Our Federal Height Sprinkler Rpair Team Does Maintenance ContractsOur service team will set you up with a maintenance schedule that will keep your system running smoothly from the first flowers of spring until the last leaves hit the ground in fall. We'll make sure your sprinkler heads are free of debris in the spring so your tulips and hyacinths get off to a great start and do a full blow out in fall to make sure your pipes won't break due to freezing water in the winter. Give us a call to schedule a service today.


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